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6831 Suva St.

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Royal Roofing’s “In-House” Factory Certified Crews


Whether your roof is a less complicated job or is the most complicated, our Royal Roofing Crews will use extreme Care and TLC with your property. Roofs installed by our Roofing Crews require less maintenance and repairs than our competitors. Life Cycle Costs are much less, typically saving hundreds of dollars to Homeowners and thousands of dollars to Apartment & Commercial building owners.

EXCEPTIONAL is the perfect word to describe our Roofing Crews. Each of our foremen and Roofing Crews take pride in every job, doing their best to improve and maintain your property. They are individually “FACTORY Tested” for Product installation knowledge. It’s Black or White, if they don’t pass, they don’t know how to install it per the Factory instructions. We’re intense about Education and believe that Training and Repetition is the Key to becoming Experts. Just as pro athletes (like Kobe) need to train, practice and re-train to be at the top of their game, so it is with our roofers. We stay knowledgeable about the multitude of existing products and application techniques. We keep up to speed with new emerging products (like Rubberized Composition Shingles & PVC / TPO Systems [like sprinkler piping but in membrane form] ). Thus, Education is ongoing.

Our foremen and crews are MASTERS at tackling very complicated jobs. This is a result of taking on increasingly difficult projects year after year. Having the same roofers and foreman work together as a cohesive team. ALL of our foremen have been with Royal Roofing for 15, 20 and up to 30 years. Our loyal roofers staying on for almost as long.

Each project has unique challenges which the Project Manager and Foreman review at the start of the job. Managing and documenting all facets of the job daily is quite a feat. Our team takes it “all in stride and making it look easy” (when it’s not…). What makes us different from many of our competitors is that we do what is most needed to improve your roof, not what is easiest. From very steep roofs to complicated architecture to working with 30-40-50 Air Conditioning units. We have years of experience and talent kicking in to meet any challenge.

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