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Roofing 101: Caught between two roofs: Multi-ply VS Single-ply Roofing

Multi Layer Roofing

Caught between two roofs: Multi-ply VS Single-ply Roofing

Modern roofs are built with the lightest and most durable materials. For years, asphalt has been a key component covering many roofs due its easy application, waterproof qualities, lack of expense, and lightweight quality. However, more traditional asphalt can tend to have many detrimental disadvantages including fast aging if overexposed to water and warping in extreme temperatures.

There are singly-ply roofing materials that aim to minimize the setbacks that are associated with traditional asphalt roofs. However, the process of those materials serving as a total replacement involves its own set of disadvantages, which leaves that option less useful.

By turning to a membrane system with multiple layers consisting of very durable modified asphalt that is polymer bonded to a secure membrane, one could avoid the disadvantages that come with single-ply roofing. Choosing this system will provide greater security, strength, and durability for your roof, as well as easier maintenance.

Setbacks of Traditional Asphalt and Single-ply Roofing Materials

  • Both do tend to age quickly, which can cause the asphalt to become more brittle and prone to cracks. Exposure of extreme weather conditions will also exacerbate these symptoms.
  • If single-ply roofing is too thin, it could be punctured by walking or machinery making any movement on the roof challenging.
  • Although many safety precautions are taken during the traditional asphalt process, dangerous fumes are released in the installation process.
  • Single-ply roofing materials often consist of easily evaporative compounds that make the adhesive not as secure or sturdy.

Solving the Roofing Issue

  • Using multi-layer materials can avoid complications derived from single-ply roofing and traditional asphalt.
  • Using a multi layer membrane sealed with an SBS modified bitumen roofing system can allow for higher durability and up to date quality.
  • Using a modified bitumen allows for longer durability, unlike the single-ply roofing materials which grow brittle over time under certain weather conditions.
  • Due to multi-ply roofing membrane’s composition of durability and flexibility, it is able to endure any walking or machinery on the roof.
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